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Creation commission contract
After accepting the electronic agreement, you’ll be a contracting designer of Pngtree. In order to ensure the performance of license agreement, you have the obligation to provide to Pngtree with your true identity information as required, which is conditions for the entry into force of this agreement, also a part of this electronic license agreement. If you do not provide your true identity information, the agreement has not yet taken effect and Pngtree will restrict you from becoming a website partner.
Concept explanation
Commissioned work: All kinds of works which you (commissioned party) own the copyright and upload to Pngtree and its associated websites.
Copyright buyout/transfer: When uploading your works to Pngtree, you transfer your works to Pngtree.
Exclusive license: You authorize Pngtree to enjoy exclusive, transferable and perpetual permission to use permanently all over of the world.
Non-exclusive license: you authorize Pngtree to enjoy a non-exclusive, transferable and perpetual right to use globally.
Reward: Remuneration which is paid for your works Pngtree approves.
Signing subjects
Part A: Pngtree operator, Shanghai Huaitu Network Technology Co., Ltd
Part B: Users who accept the electronic agreement
(Note: If you are under the age of 16, you will need your legal guardian's consent or authorization)
Once you become a contracting designer of Pngtree, you’ll upload your original and independently copyrighted works to Pngtree website in a non-exclusive way and get remuneration according to their respective settlement rules; or you know and agree to offer the service, with regard to designing specific pictures as Pngtree entrusts. You will create pictures and upload them to the website via the port provided by Pngtree as Pngtree requires. Whether Spontaneous uploading or Uploading after entrusting creation, after uploading Pngtree and its associated websites have the non-exclusive and transferable right to the works you upload, which can be used perpetually on a global scale.
You fully understand and undertake to comply with all Pngtree agreements, including but not limited to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Rights, Refund Policy, Designer Privilege Rules, etc. content, if you violate the above agreement to cause damage to Pngtree, you shall be liable for compensation; Pngtree has the right to modify the above terms and conditions of the service from time to time, and the revised statement and agreement will effectively replace the original Statements, agreements, etc., if you do not agree, you may terminate the cooperation with Pngtree.
Period of cooperation
This contract will come into force immediately after you click "Agree to sign this electronic agreement"( that is, That is to make a commitment to the electronic offer issued by our company), and provide your true identity information. The validity period is one year.
Pngtree's rights and obligations
Pngtree provides picture creation requirements or standards: including production requirements, work time, content, quantity arrangement, etc., and Pngtree will send you them in written form such as mail, which will be the attachment of this Agreement and the validity will be the same as this agreement.
The right of Pngtree and its associated websites to the work you upload and approve depends on your type of authorization:
1)Pngtree and its associated website have the full copyright of you uploaded works and can be used in worldwide permanently. You only have the right of authorship, in this case, you are not allowed to use the uploaded works or license others to use without Pngtree permission.
2) Pngtree and its associated websites are entitled to excludability, exclusive, sublicensable and permanent use in worldwide for the work you upload and exclusively license to Pngtree, in which case, without Pngtree's permission, Your use of the uploaded work may not be sublicensed to any third party other than Pngtree, but you may continue to use it;
3) Pngtree and its associated websites are entitled to non-exclusive, sublicensable and perpetual use in worldwide for your uploaded and non-exclusive license to Pngtree's work. In this case, you may license any third party without the permission of Pngtree, but you may not request Pngtree to delete or download the work within two years from the date of the product's launch.
3. Pngtree has the right to request, if necessary, to provide proof of copyright, create sketches or other evidence that can prove you as the author. You should cooperate unconditionally.
4. Pngtree has the right to review the pictures you upload, require you to modify or redo the pictures that do not meet the requirements until you meet the requirements of Pngtree for the creation of the work.
5. Pngtree have the right to delete your creations and contributor data from and its contributor system when your image suspected or confirmed as infringement, violation or any dispute that may arise and does not need to notify or explain to you.
6. Pngtree should settle and pay your remuneration on time.
Your rights and obligations
1. You should provide your authentic and accurate personal identification documents above-mentioned, which will be part of this contract. If there is any change in the above information, you should change or contact Pngtree to help change in time to ensure you have the legal qualifications to sign the agreement and provide these services.
2. You have an obligation to create a picture in strict accordance with the requirements of Pngtree, including production requirements, working time, work content, work quantity arrangement, etc. and submitted to Pngtree to check at once through the form of port upload. If the work is not accepted by Pngtree, you should change or redo it free of charge without condition. The period beyond the date of completion of the reacceptance of Pngtree is regarded as the overdue, Pngtree has the right to not pay your monthly remuneration. Though Pngtree completes the examination and acceptance of the works, it not mean that Pngtree confirms that the works must have no legal problems.
3. You understand and accept the support plan in accordance with the project requirements provided by the Pngtree and ensure everything goes well with the support work, and give the necessary feedback to the results of the implementation.
4. You have an obligation to ensure the confidentiality and security concerning the content of Pngtree requirements and business information. For example, you may not distribute or screenshot image with your account information, contributor system, etc. to others.
5. Without the written permission of Pngtree, you can’t assign or subcontract to any third party the rights and obligations of this agreement.
6. You promise the works you to accept the commission and upload are original and without any rights defects, no infringement of the legal rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, portraits, reputation rights, and other rights. If you violate the above obligation to infringe, you assume all legal responsibilities, Pngtree has the right to refuse to pay you any remuneration. In case of Pngtree loss, you should also compensate Pngtree for all losses and pay 2 times the amount paid for the month as a penalty for breach of contract.
7. You have the right to be paid according to the settlement rules.
Settlement and payment method
Main body
Form of cooperation
Settlement rules
Payment rule
If you are a designer in mainland China
Copyright buyout
Pngtree will provide you with a quote through the upload system based on the quality of the image design, market, and other factors.
If you choose to accept, the sale is successful; or if you choose not accepted, the sale fails.
Please pay attention to check your upload system and operate in time, otherwise, the price will be accepted by default after 24 hours, and the sale will be successful.
The account balance shall over 100RMB to withdraw cash
If you are not a designer in mainland China
Non-exclusive license
Pngtree will unilaterally select one-time billing or thousand downloads settlement based on the quality of the image design and market demand:
If Pngtree takes a one-time settlement for your works, it will be quoted through the upload system according to the designer's privilege rules (see for a price range of $3-5.
If you choose to accept, the non-exclusive license is successful; or if you choose not to accept, the non-exclusive license fails.
Please pay attention to check your upload system and operate in time, otherwise, the offer will be accepted by default within 24 hours, then the non-exclusive license is successful;
If Pngtree chooses the one thousand downloads settlements method for your work, you can get 15$ in every thousand downloads and this billing period will keep 2 years, counting from the date the work is launched, and will not be settled after two years.
The account balance shall over $100USD to withdraw cash

Exclusive license
Pngtree will quote you through the upload system based on the quality of the image design, market and other factors, the price range is 10-100 dollars.
If you choose to accept, the exclusive license is successful; or if you choose not to accept, the exclusive license fails.
Please pay attention to check your upload system and operate in time, otherwise, the offer will be accepted by default within 24 hours, then the exclusive license is successful.

Copyright buyout
This type of cooperation has not yet been opened, so stay tuned.

1. The main body is based on the location of your household registration. If your household registration is in mainland China, it is a designer in mainland China;
2, The same image is only applicable to one billing method, but there may be multiple billing methods in the image gallery you upload;
3, The above fees are all tax-included, will be paid to your account through the Pngtree official cooperative payment platform, such as PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer, please complete your collection account information in the next step of filling in the identity information.

Default responsibility
1. If Pngtree doesn’t pay the remuneration in time without justifiable reason, each overdue one day, Pngtree should pay 1/10000 of the overdue payment as a breach of contract; after the two notice if Pngtree still can’t finish the payment, you have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, and require Pngtree to bear the loss to you.
2. Except the provisions of this agreement, and Pngtree has the right to claim for all economic losses caused by breach of contract (including compensation, litigation, notary, lawyer, other expenses for the settlement of the dispute), if you violate any section of this agreement, and all Pngtree has paid for the breach of contract. At the same time, you and your authorized representatives shall take all consequences other than financial compensation and punishment.
1. It should not be deemed to give up any such right, nor impede the exercise or enforcement of such rights or any other rights in any other occasion, if a party fail to exercise or execute any right granted by this Agreement.
2. If any part, due time or clause of this agreement is considered illegal or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity or enforceability of the rest of the agreement. If the illegal or unenforceable part, due time, or clause affects the license, this Agreement shall be interpreted as providing the most extensive and non-exclusive rights permissible within the scope of the applicable law. Similarly, if there is any doubt, this license will be interpreted as providing the most extensive non-exclusive right permissions within the applicable law.
3. Party A and B confirm that this agreement is signed in the form of electronic agreement, which does not affect the validity of the contract.
4. Within the scope of the applicable law, the Licensor may give up any legal rights that it may have to obtain information from the company in advance of the online contract process for the contractor to accept the confirmation of the execution of the contract.
5. Both parties have a permanent confidentiality obligation to both trade secrets and other confidential information and shall not disclose or open to the other third part in any way, or use this information for the benefit of yourself or others. If you violate the obligation of confidentiality, you should pay a fine of $10000 to Pngtree. This clause will continue to be valid after the expiration of this agreement.
6. Disputes arising between the two sides can be settled through friendly negotiation. If fails, the people's Court of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China shall have jurisdiction.

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